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Rumor has is that, here in the Triangle area, we’ve painted the sky "Carolina Blue" and have a magical way with anything that grows. Year round there’s always something blooming in North Carolina, and Triangle puts on a show for kids of all ages.

Seasonal, but moderate, the Triangle’s climate escapes the extreme cold winters characteristic of the North, and does not experience the oppressive summers of the far South.

Winters are short and mild, arriving in mid-December and ending by early March. Snow and sleet are recorded once or twice a year, but seldom to the extent that it accumulates. Children are known to get very excited when snow is in the forecast, anticipating a day off from school.

For many, Spring is the season of choice. The city transforms itself into a spectacle of flowers with dogwoods, redbuds and azaleas in full bloom. Spring continues through April with temperatures in the high 60′s and low 70′s.

July is the region’s warmest month and it is then that many residents flock to the beaches of the mountains. There are days where temperatures reach well into the high 90′s. Summers are one of the rainiest periods when afternoon showers are common.

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