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choosing a lender

Service is not equal.  You want a lender that knows the industry and knows you.  That means they listen to your goals, know the best products to match your goals, can guide you on the best programs, and can guide you to complete all your requirements. 

Interview with an outstanding local lender, Tina Konidaris

A good lender accurately represents loan products, costs,  and the process.   A loan is  a big responsiblity so you want to make a careful and comfortable choice.  Too many people are upset with figures they did not understand or they beleive changed.  You need reliable information that is realistic.  And this requires a lender with updated knowledge about products and guideliness, a daily challenge. 

That informed and realistic lender also has to be a good advisor.  After they understand the best programs for a borrower, they have to advise their customers about the best alternatives.  And that is just the start: a good lender advises and guides the borrower through the challenges of completing the loan application process, something that takes initiative, watchful care, and patience.

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